Datagarda Highlights Importance of Robust Data Center Infrastructure at TECHNOVATE 2024


Datagarda, made a significant impact at the Seminar and Mini Exhibition TECHNOVATE 2024. Held at the Holiday Inn Cikarang Hotel, West Java, on Thursday, June 27, 2024, the event revolved around the theme “Pioneering Industry Evolution through ACTUAL Implementation of AI Technology in Indonesia.” Datagarda focused on raising awareness about the critical role of proper data center infrastructure in supporting AI implementation within the manufacturing sector.

Emphasizing Infrastructure for AI Success

At the seminar, Datagarda underscored the necessity of robust data center infrastructure to ensure the successful deployment and operation of AI technologies. As industries increasingly turn to AI for innovation and efficiency, having a reliable and scalable data infrastructure becomes paramount. Datagarda’s presence highlighted their commitment to providing state-of-the-art data center solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of AI applications in manufacturing.

Insights from Industry Leaders


Mareta Pratiwi, Chair of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Industry’s Center for Digital Industry 4.0 (PIDI 4.0), spoke about the growing recognition of AI’s potential in Indonesia. She attributed this recognition to the country’s diverse population, rich cultural heritage, and evolving technological ecosystem. “Indonesia’s technology sector has grown significantly in recent years. AI is being used by startups across various industries, including healthcare, agriculture, e-commerce, and banking, to innovate and address industry pain points,” said Mareta.

Mareta highlighted the transformative potential of AI in boosting productivity, driving innovation, and creating new jobs. Citing McKinsey data, she mentioned that AI adoption could potentially increase Indonesia’s GDP by up to $230 billion by 2030.

Engaging and Informative Sessions

PT Elmecon Multikencana

The seminar attracted 300 participants who gained insights into current issues and trends in the industrial sector. The mini exhibition showcased products from leading vendors such as Omron, Patlite, Moxa, Ericsson, PIDI 4.0, Datagarda, Tai Sin, Astra Otoparts, Tomo Auto Engineering, and Lattice Technology. Attendees explored solutions aligned with the needs of Industry 4.0, fostering progress and development in Indonesia.

A Collaborative Platform for Innovation


TECHNOVATE 2024 was designed as a comprehensive platform for industry professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and policymakers to collaborate on overcoming challenges and promoting innovation through AI and IoT implementation in Indonesia. The event facilitated discussions on the crucial role of data centers in supporting these technologies.

Ridwan Djuhari, Director of PT Elmecon Multikencana, emphasized the growing investment in data centers by AI companies in Indonesia. He pointed out the significant values involved, reaching trillions of rupiah, and highlighted the ongoing journey towards widespread AI adoption in factories. “To advance Industry 4.0, data must be digitized, products must be capable of securely transmitting data, and there must be adequate networking and high infrastructure,” Ridwan stated.


Datagarda’s participation in TECHNOVATE 2024 underscored the critical importance of proper data center infrastructure in the successful implementation of AI in the manufacturing industry. The event provided a platform for sharing knowledge, exploring innovative solutions, and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders, all aimed at driving Indonesia’s technological and economic growth.

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