BK 120mm sq., 32 sound BK

The panel-mount BK Series stores 32 different pre-recorded sounds with a compact, yet loud speaker which is suitable for noisy factories.

Product Features

  • Volume output and sound groups can be changed easily by rotary switches stored inside of the front panel even after installation.
  • Select one sound group from A to H to playback 8 pre-recorded sounds (When controlled by bit input).
  • A new sound group can be created from the 32 sounds with an optional SD Card (sold separately).
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Set the sound selection switch from “ I ” to “ O ” to test the function or sound volume.
  • Sound can be played back by a bit input (8 channels) or binary input (32 channels).s a small-size, versatile, durable, and compact revolving light with a dome lens. The terminal block allows easy wiring

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS – 120mm square (front)
– 110mm square (back)
– 100V AC
– 220V AC
AUDIBLE STYLE – Factory pre-recorded alarms and melodies
MOUNTING – Panel-mount, horizontal, vertical upwards, vertical downwards
– Indoors only
BODY COLOR – Body: Light Gray
– Body: Black
VOLUME – Maximum sound of 95dB at 1 meter
– Volume adjustable from zero
SOUND STORAGE – A total of 32 sounds stored (See Specifications for list)
– Arrange with 8 selectable sound groups
– Each group has 8 pre-arranged sounds
CHANNEL SELECTION – Select one of 8 sound groups by rotary switch
– Select any of 8 sounds in the chosen group by signal input
– Re-program last sound group from sounds stored in the unit (optional SD Card required)
SOUND CHART – Open the BD-E Specifications page for the complete list of sounds installed
– Only the BD-E sounds are available for replay in the “Sound Samples” link above
– RoHS
PROTECTION RATING – IP-54 (panel-mount in a front direction only)
REMARKS – Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts
– Open-collector transistor (NPN)
FUNCTIONS – Sound only plays during contact closure
– Sound stops when contact is Open



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