LY2N AC220/240

LY2N AC220/240

LY2N AC220/240   Structure : Relays with Plug-in Terminals With operation indicators Number of poles : 2 Rated voltage (V) : 220/240 VAC Number of Pins : 8 Pin Size : 36 x 21.5 mm Relay Contact Form : 2…

Phase Relay K8DS-PH1

Phase Relay K8DS-PH1

Phase Relay K8DS-PH1 Monitoring relay 17.5mm wide, simultanious monitoring of phase sequence and loss in 3phase 3wire systems, One SPDT



OMRON SOCKET PYFZ-14-E Spesifikasi – soket untuk MY4,MY4N,H3Y-4,dan H3YN-4 – 14 PIN

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RELAY OMRON LY2 AC220/240 Spesifikasi 1. Arc barrier equipped 2. High dielectric strength (2,000 VAC) 3. Long dependable service life assured by AgCdO contacts 4. Choose models with single or bifurcated contacts, LED indicator, diode surge suppression, push-to-test button, or…

MY4N-GS AC220/240


RELAY OMRON MY4N-GS AC220/240 Spesifikasi – Mounting method With plug-in socket Usage General purpose Poles 4 Rated carry current 6 A Coil voltage 230 V Operation voltage AC Contact material Ag Contact description 4PDT Features LED Terminal Plug-in, Solder

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H3CR-A8 AC24-48/DC12-48

H3CR-A8 AC24-48/DC12-48 OMI [Fitur] · Beberapa rentang waktu dan mode operasional. · DIN48 × 48 mm multi timer penuh. · Dua jenis catu daya bebas AC / DC, secara drastis mengurangi jumlah model yang tersedia. · Dapat menangani berbagai aplikasi dengan…

H3CR-F8 AC100-240/DC100-125

H3CR-F8 AC100-240/DC100-125

H3CR-F8 AC100-240/DC100-125 · Serangkaian berdasarkan timer kembar, timer delta bintang. · UL, CSA, LR, NK, CCC diperoleh, desain brankas yang kompatibel dengan EN61812-1. · Kompatibel dengan tanda CE. · Karena unit waktu memungkinkan pengaturan waktu ON dan OFF yang terpisah,…

Solid-state Timer H3CR-A

DIN 48 × 48-mm State-of-the-art Multifunctional Timer • A wider power supply range reduces the number of timer models kept in stock. • A wide range of applications through six or four operating modes. • Reduced power consumption. (Except for…