Smart Photoelectric Sensor for Product Quality and Material Efficiency


Smart Photoelectric sensor is a sensor using laser technology for diffuse reflective sensor, it means the laser bouncing back the light to receiver when there is a solid material is detected. With this concept scientist develop it to smart sensor that can detect the thickness of the solid material. The application of the sensor for quality control of the product and analyze the material efficiency of production process. In manufacture quality control is an enhancement process in production, because the product will be distributed to customer and it must have warranty of the quality.
For the material efficiency can be solved if the sensor detect the exceeded of material thickness so it can be analyzed. For example if we put a thousand material for production and it can produces a hundred product per days, so every product contains ten materials, if a sensor detect 20 materials it means only 50 product per days can be produced. It doesn’t achieve the production target per days, the product has bad quality because exceed the limit of the thickness, waste material, and problem in the production machine and it makes high cost, and loss potential of factory.
The other hand, smart sensor is a reliable system and can be developed for control automation, so it can reduce the production time and mistaken than using a lot of worker for quality control.

Reference: Engineering Division PT. Elmecon Multikencana
Project: ZX1 Omron Smart Sensor for Thickness Detection
Client: Vortex Conveyor, Djabesmen

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