Real-time 3D sensing of distance to humans or objects using OMRON B5L


What is TOF Sensor?

A TOF (Time of Flight) sensor uses the flight time of light to measure distances to objects. As well as being able to turn captured images into 3D images, it can also measure at a speed of 20 frames per second, allowing it to track the movement objects three-dimensionally.

Differences from a conventional camera sensor

The use of extensive distance information enables the sensor to identify its peripheral environment

Ambient Light Immunity

Example Application


Item Specifications
Measurement distance 0.5 to 4 m
Horizontal detection range (angle of view) 87° or above
Vertical detection range (angle of view) 67° or above
Resolution QVGA (320×240 pixels)
Distance accuracy ±2% (±4 cm) or less *⁴*⁵
at 2 m central part 10×10 pixels
Repeating accuracy 1% (2 cm) or less *⁴*⁵
at 2 m central part 10×10 pixels
Frame rate Approx. 10 fps *⁴
Power supply voltage VDC24+/-10%
Power consumption (current consumption) Average during measurement: 0.3 A *⁴
Maximum: 3 A (Reference)
Ambient temperature 0 to +50°C
Storage: -20 to +60°C (With no condensation or icing)
Ambient humidity Operation/storage: 35 to 85%RH or less (With no condensation)
Vibration (durability) 10 to 150 Hz, 50 m/s2, complex amplitude of 0.7 mm or less
Scanning 3 times each in X, Y, Z directions for 8 min
Impact (durability) 300 m/s2 3 times each in X, Y, Z directions
Appearance Approx. 103×64.3×43.1 mm
Approx. 108.6×64.3×43.1 mm (including the Connector)
Protective structure IEC60529 IP10
Weight Approx. 305 g
Materials Frame: die-cast aluminum
Cover: polycarbonate (PC)
Filter: acrylic resin (PMMA)
Heat sink: aluminum
Communications USB2.0 CDC class
Starting time 30 seconds or less *⁵
Warm-up time Approx. 30 minutes *⁶

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