Compact Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier E3Z

The Standard for Photoelectric Sensors with a Secure Track Record of One Million Sold Yearly.

  • Long sensing distance of 30 m for Through-beam Models, 4 m for Retro-reflective Models, and 1 m for Diffuse-reflective Models.
  • Mechanical axis and optical axis offset of less than ±2.5° simplifies optical axis adjustment.
  • High stability with unique algorithm that prevents interference of external light.

Industry’s Top-level Sensing Distance with Built-in Amplifier

A separately sold filter is available to prevent mutual interference for Through-beam Models with red lights sources and a sensing distance of 10 m. Reflective Models include functionality to prevent mutual interference (up to 2 sensors). Long-distance, Through-beam Sensors with a detection distance of 30 m (response time: 2 ms) are also available.

Low-temperature Operation for Applications in Cold-storage Warehouses

A wider ambient operating range from −40 to 55°C (main models with connectors). We also provide Sensor I/O Connectors with PUR Cables for high resistance to cold environments. Improved Matching of Optical Axis and Mechanical Axis for Through-beam Models and Retro-reflective Models
The offset between the optical axis and the mechanical axis is kept within ±2.5°, so the optical axis can be accurately set simply by mounting the Sensor according to the mechanical axis. Sensor Protection against Incorrect Wiring

The Sensor includes output reverse polarity protection

(A diode to protect against reverse polarity is added to the output line.) Complete Compliance with the EU’s RoHS Directive Lead, mercury, cadmium hexachrome, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) have all been eliminated. Also, burnable polyethylene packaging has been used.

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