CP1E CPU Series

The CP1E Programmable Controller: Economical, Easy to use, and Efficient

■The E_ _ _(S)-type Basic CPU Units provide cost
performance and easy application with only basic
■The N_ _(S_) and NA-types Application CPU Units
support Programmable Terminal connection, position
control, and inverter connection


• New CP1E CPU Units now available.
– Lineup including CPU Units with built-in three ports: USB, RS-232C, RS-485.
– The depth of CPU Units with RS-232C connectors is reduced by 20 mm. (N30/40/60S(1))
• Easy connection with computers using commercially available USB cables.
• With E30/40/60(S), N30/40/60(S_) or NA20 CPU Units, Add I/O, Analog I/O or Temperature Inputs by ConnectingnExpansion Units or Expansion I/O Units.
• Input interrupts
• Complete High-speed Counter Functionality.
• Versatile pulse control for Transistor Output for N14/20/30/40/60(S@) or NA20 CPU Units.
• PWM Outputs for Transistor Output for N14/20/30/40/60(S@) or NA20 CPU Units.
• Mounting Serial Option Boards, Ethernet Option Board and Analog Option Board to N30/40/60 or NA20 CPU Units.
• Built-in analog I/O, two inputs and one output, for NA-type CPU Units.

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