Achieving Network Security for Industrial Automation

In order to optimize operational efficiency for modern industrial automation systems, network convergence between OT and IT is imperative. While streamlining your OT/IT networks unlocks the potential of your industrial systems, it also raises network security concerns. It is a particular concern for those OT systems that used to be air gapped but must still protect network communications without interrupting operations. As a leader in industrial networking for over 30 years, Moxa is committed to developing secure and reliable networking solutions that proactively identify and mitigate cyberthreats in OT environments. To realize this commitment, Moxa strictly follows secure-by-design practices, utilizes distributed OT intrusion prevention systems capabilities, and provides a wide array of rugged networking portfolios to perfect defending industrial applications in depth.

Identify Network Status

Visibility empowers you to secure your industrial control systems

Protect Your Industrial Networks

You need a secure network infrastructure to ensure continuous industrial operations

Select Secure Devices

The secure DNA of our products empowers you to run existing industrial systems easily

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