WDR-LE-Z2 Wireless Data Acquisition System Receiver

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WDR-LE-Z2 Wireless Data Acquisition System Receiver

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Connects to a host computer via a LAN or USB to enable wireless communication with WD-Z2 transmitters.

Product Features

    • The Wireless Data Acquisition System is a cost-effective, IIoT-enabled add-on for select PATLITE Signal Towers. This system allows signal towers to wirelessly transmit equipment status changes to a host PC for real-time monitoring and data analysis. Identify production bottlenecks, enhance supervisory control, optimize productivity, and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with this complete, networked solution.

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS– H131.8 W125 D38.8mm
RATED VOLTAGE– Rated Voltage: DC24V (Non-polar)
– Operating voltage Range: DC21.6V to DC26.4V
PROTOCOLS– Description: Stationary Receiver
FUNCTIONS– Operating Temperature Range: -10℃ to 60℃ (No Condensation)
– Operating Humidity Range: 85% RH or less(No Condensation)
– Storage Temperature Range:-20℃ to 70℃(No Freezing)
– Installation: Upright Position(Indoor Only)
BODY STYLE– Mass: 160g
BODY COLOR– Body: Light gray

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