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Digital temperature controller / meter with 2 aux. outputs - 1/16 DIN (48x48mm) - 100-240Vac supply version - OMRON (E5CC-800 series) - screw connections - 1 x analog input (Thermocouple types K; J; T; E; L; U; N; R; S; B; W; or PL II / RTD Pt100; JPt100 / IR temp. sens. / 4-20mA; 0-20mA / 1-5Vdc; 0-5Vdc; 0-10Vdc) (Main process input) + 1 x digital output (S.S.R. driver voltage; 12Vdc; PNP) (control output 1) + 2 x digital outputs (SPST-NO rly. contacts; 250Vac/3A resistive load) (AUX outputs) - 2 rows x 4-digits (negative transmissive 11-segment LCD with backlight) 15.2mm digits height (PV; Present value; white backlight) / 7.1mm digits height (SV; Setpoint; green backlight) display - Supply voltage 100Vac-240Vac (120Vac / 200Vac / 208Vac / 220Vac / 230Vac) (50/60Hz) - Flush mounting on door - IP66 - equivalent to E5CCQX2ASM800 - order code E5CC-QX2ASM-800

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