The Next Evolution of Beacons Patlite SL/SK/SF


Our first product innovation dates back to 1955 when we developed the micro-motor. The creation of this revolutionary product led to the development of a wide-range of warning devices including our first flagship product, the SK-12 rotating beacon light. Since then, signal beacons have been adopted worldwide as a primary device for warning and status indication applications.

Our S-Series Beacons represents our long history of engineering safety equipment and our deep commitment to creating safer, more secure environments, worldwide.

sk model-1670471211


Application example

The distinct light rotation of the SK makes it suitable for providing efficient visual signaling in emergency situations.


Due to the long-life LEDs in the SK, it is used in 24-hour parking structures where there is an absence of parking attendants, as an “always-on” warning light.
The SK installed on this AGV gives bright, rotating indication to its surroundings while in motion, to prevent accidents in case a person is stepping in the path of the vehicle.

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