Omron CX One Software

Integrasi yang lebih besar dengan Omron CX-One PLC Programming. CX-One adalah paket perangkat lunak yang komprehensif mengintegrasikan Program PLC Software khusus Omron dengan Dukungan Perangkat lunak untuk menyiapkan Jaringan, Programmable Terminal, Sistem Servo, Inverter, dan pengatur Suhu.

Support Software that can be installed from Omron CX-One Software : 

CX-Programmer Application software to create and debug programs for CS/CJ/CP/NSJ-series, C-series, and CVM1/CV-series CPU Units. Data can be created and monitored for high-speed-type Position Control Units.

CX-Integrator. Application software to build and set up FA networks, such as Controller Link, DeviceNet, CompoNet, CompoWay, and Ethernet networks. The Routing Table Component and Data Link Component can be started from here. DeviceNet Configuration functionality is also included.

Switch Box Utility. Utility software that helps you to debug PLCs. It helps you to monitor the I/O status and to monitor/change present values within the PLC you specify.

CX-Protocol. Application software to create protocols (communications sequences) between CS/CJ/CP/NSJ-series or C200HX/HG/HE Serial Communications Boards/Units and general-purpose external devices.

CX-Simulator. Application software to simulate CS/CJ/CP/NSJ-series CPU Unit operation on the computer to debug PLC programs without a CPU Unit.

CX-Position. Application software to create and monitor data for CS/CJ-series Position Control Units (except for High-speed type).

CX-Motion-NCF. Application software to monitor and set parameters for CS/CJ-series Position Control Units and Servo Drivers that support MECHATROLINK-II communications.

CX-Motion-MCH. Application software to create data for CS/CJ-series MCH Units, create motion programs, and perform monitoring.

CX-Motion. Application software to create data for CS/CJ-series, C200HX/HG/HE, and CVM1/CV-series Motion Control Units, and to create and monitor motion control programs.

CX-Drive. Application software to set and control data for Inverters and Servos.

CX-Process Tool. Application software to create and debug function block programs for CS/CJ-series Loop Controllers (Loop Control Units/Boards, Process Control CPU Units, and Loop Control CPU Units).

Faceplate Auto-Builder for NS. Application software that automatically outputs screen data as project files for NS-series PTs from tag information in function block programs created with the CX-Process Tool.

CX-Designer. Application software to create screen data for NS-series PTs.

NV-Designer. Application software to create screen data for NV-series small PTs.

CX-ConfiguratorFDT. Application software for setting various units by installing its DTM module.

CX-Thermo. Application software to set and control parameters in components such as Temperature Control Units.

CX-FLnet. Application software for system setting and monitoring of CS/CJ-series Fl-net Units.

Network Configurator. Application software to setup and monitor tag data Link for CJ2 (Built-in EtherNet/IP) CPU Units and EtherNet/IP Units.

NX-IO Configurator. Application software to set up and maintain EtherNet/IP Coupler Units and NX-series I/O Units on an EtherNet/IP Coupler Unit.

CX-Server. Middleware necessary for CX-One applications to communicate with OMRON components, such as PLCs, Display Devices, and Temperature Control Units.

Communications Middleware. Middleware necessary to communicate with CP1L CPU Unit with built-in Ethernet port.

PLC Tools. A group of components used with CX-One applications, such as the CX-Programmer and CX-Integrator. Includes the following: I/O tables, PLC memory, PLC Setup, Data Tracing/Time Chart Monitoring, PLC Error Logs, File Memory, PLC clock, Routing Tables, and Data Link Tables.